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Heat treatment of mesh belt furnace automatic welding machine A T-350 electric hammer drill CNC automatic welding machine A T-260 electric hammer drill CNC automatic welding machine High-speed steel hole-opener gear grinding machine
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The company insists on gradually realizing the transformation from "family business" to "modern enterprise" through the reform and innovation of management system, the transformation of business mode, the adjustment of marketing mode and the promotion of corporate culture.

one stop shopping For all your welder needs

Safe production, strict quality, internationalization, science and technology, industrialization

Strict quality control system

Through the ISO9000 system certification, and through the tool inspection center test and GMC certification

Strict quality control system

The company has more than 300 agents and distributors, products are exported to Europe and the United States and other developed countries

Stable suppliers deliver quickly

Lower prices, higher quality, better service


about zhongtian

Zhongtian Drill Co., Ltd.

Zhongtian Drill Co.,Ltd.was founded in 1999,from a small processing workshop to more than 500 workers. After nearly two years of production technology improvement and automation equipment transformation, more than 200 employees. The city's hardware industry ranks in the top ten, and Qingjiang Industry ranks among the top ten family businesses. The company mainly produces hardware tools electric hammer drills, steel chisels, hole openers and other accessories.With more than ten well-known domestic companies, the company has more than 300 agents and distributors, and the products are exported to developed countries such as Europe and America...

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