Shank conversion branch

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Product Description Shank conversion branch
Specifications: 10-25mm
Process: Removable adapter at the handle connection
Standard 12.7mm, four-way interface adapter, can be connected to electric wrench
Four chip flutes
Surface black, spray paint

Material: 45# steel
Work/Drill Body Depth: 80/170
Scope of application: All kinds of softwood, hardwood plastic, rubber
Applicable equipment: Hand drill, bench drill, rechargeable drill, lithium drill, electric wrench
Power: 10-20# Speed 1500-2000/22-25# Speed 1000-1500
10-20 # rpm 1500-2000/22-25 # rpm 1000-1500
Product features: Accurate positioning, deep drilling
Note: 1. can not drill metal material.
2. The cutting edge will wear and become dull after being used for a period of time. Please use the assorted file knife to trim it sharp before continuing to use it.
The head is sharp, please place it out of the reach of children.


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