Multifunctional Overlord Drill

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Product Description
Name: multi-function drill overlord
Material: carbide cutter head: YG10X; drill body: 40CR
Process: high-frequency welding of alloy cutter head and drill body, fine grinding production, triangular design of shank
Surface treatment: painting
Scope of application:
Stainless steel, iron, copper. Aluminum alloy, granite, ceramic tile, red brick, wood and other materials
Applicable equipment:
Hand drill, charging drill, bench drill, etc.
Product Features:
When drilling with single-slot design, chip removal is smooth, reducing the abrasive force of the drill body and greatly improving the life of the drill bit. Non-slip triangular handle is not easy to slip
When drilling, water must be added. When drilling, the force should be uniform, especially when drilling and about to drill, the force should be slow and uniform.

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